We Will Win

It is hard in the midst of battle for us to see, but we are winning.  We ought to win the presidential election this year, and we must do everything in our power to make that happen, but the defeat of the left today is sure.  The only way to lose this war is for us to quit, and we are not doing that. Begin with the basics.  Americans, overwhelmingly, are conservative.  The latest Battleground Poll shows what every other Battleground Poll has shown for the last decade: Americans, by a huge majority, choose to call themselves "conservative," even when they can choose "moderate" or "unsure" as well as "liberal."  Look at May 2012, or the twenty consecutive Battleground Poll reports dating back more than ten years in which conservatives have always been an overwhelming majority.  The Gallup Poll findings are just as stark.  The last poll in February 2012 showed that conservatives outnumber liberals in every state except Massachusetts, and the one in...(Read Full Article)