Wargaming Termination of Tea Party Extremists

Our military planners are openly discussing how to kill "Tea Party extremists" who have taken over a small town in the USA.  Is this "operational lay-down" merely a "cartoonish and needlessly provocative scenario," as described by The Washington Times, or is it something much more malevolent? The military scenario appears in the July 25, 2012 issue of the respected Small Wars Journal and posits that, while Obama will be thrown out of office in 2012, ten years of race- and immigrant-bashing by "right-wing demagogues" will have whipped white Americans into gang-like attacks on non-whites. Then, in a carefully planned operation, a Tea Party-inspired militia occupies the city hall in Darlington, South Carolina, disbands the city council, detains the mayor, and disarms the local police and/or "turns" policemen to its cause.  The story continues: With Darlington under their control, militia members quickly move beyond the city limits to establish 'check points' -- in reality,...(Read Full Article)