Voter Fraud: Coming to a Booth Near You?

In ongoing correspondence with former NYC Mayor Edward Koch, a significant Jewish supporter of the Obama administration, Mr. Koch calls my comments on voter fraud "ridiculous" -- this in a bid to discredit my contention that the Democrats are engaged in a desperate and ongoing effort to establish a permanent voting majority.  The president's recent executive order on an unconstitutional, if modified, "DREAM Act" has in mid-August green-lit 1.7 million non-citizens for work permits, drivers' licenses, and green cards...and it has sped up citizenship processing.  This is a cynical bid for plumping the presumed Dem voter rolls, in a sleazy effort for an airtight Dem stranglehold on the country's electoral process. Does anyone doubt that with a driver's license and work stubs from some hapless employer, these illegals-with-benefits will be mandated to remain non-voters?  Would you like to purchase a tall, gently used London Bridge? Mr. Mayor, now coming up on his 87th...(Read Full Article)