Voter Fraud: Coming to a Booth Near You?

In ongoing correspondence with former NYC Mayor Edward Koch, a significant Jewish supporter of the Obama administration, Mr. Koch calls my comments on voter fraud "ridiculous" -- this in a bid to discredit my contention that the Democrats are engaged in a desperate and ongoing effort to establish a permanent voting majority.  The president's recent executive order on an unconstitutional, if modified, "DREAM Act" has in mid-August green-lit 1.7 million non-citizens for work permits, drivers' licenses, and green cards...and it has sped up citizenship processing.  This is a cynical bid for plumping the presumed Dem voter rolls, in a sleazy effort for an airtight Dem stranglehold on the country's electoral process.

Does anyone doubt that with a driver's license and work stubs from some hapless employer, these illegals-with-benefits will be mandated to remain non-voters?  Would you like to purchase a tall, gently used London Bridge?

Mr. Mayor, now coming up on his 87th birthday, called assertions of voter fraud "ridiculous."

"Ridiculous"?  But for the fact they are both true -- and ongoing.

Research the issue in non-leftist sources.  The Democrats have a variety of excellent reasons to deny fraud, since they are perpetrating it.  It would not do to have the general public become aware of their backroom balloting for impervious DNC permanency.

For an overall picture of the voter-fraud phenomenon, see here and here.

Unlike most national concerns, voting is the purview not of the federal government, but of the several states.  Recent actions on the part of the Obama administration have all veered toward abrogating legal safeguards for the integrity of the voting process.  Such lawsuits as the federal government has pursued with regard to nullifying the requirement for ID (Ohio, Pennsylvania) before one can vote, and the curtailment of legal days the U.S. military can cast ballots in early and absentee voting -- presumably because this crowd suspects that the preponderance of the military will not be in favor of extending the current president's tenure.  Attorney General Eric Holder, sworn to uphold the rights of all Americans, has worked diligently to ramify the Democrat hold on the election process (as in the past he has worked to unseat, defeat, and enfeeble the rights of Americans in the furtherance of his and Mr. Obama's unspecified larger agenda).  There is little evidence for Holder's or party functionary David Axelrod's contention that at the heart of requiring simple voter ID is a desire to deprive true citizens of the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

The presentation of proper ID, however, is a commonplace for practically any adult activity --  including purchase of cigarettes or adult beverages, banking transactions, certain medications, leasing a car, buying a house, renting a video, leasing all manner of equipment (even a bicycle), and attending an adult film.  You can't board a plane without serious ID.

Not having ID, in fact, consigns one to a minority of oddities, like mountain men who live in the backwoods, unacquainted with toothbrushes or underwear.  In many cities, one cannot even enter a commercial building without identifying documents.  Thus, insisting that demanding proper ID is in any way untoward in order to cast a constitutionally protected privilege, voting, is little short of confounding.

There is no guaranteed government protection to lie or dissimulate in the effort to change a vote outcome.  Why ought we render our precious four-year election process -- now so crucial that the country is gearing up for all sorts of shenanigans as it seeks to ensure the process in this most impactful election in our lifetimes -- worthless by letting all and sundry cast a vote without the right to do so?  To let non-citizens interfere with our invaluable four-year process is to invite the mischief that impartial observers have long feared.

Chicago is of course infamous for thuggish tactics in elections and many other citizen concerns.  Recent surveys of the voter rolls have shown more people registered to vote than exist in real life streets, and the Windy City now tops the charts for murder and violence capital of the lower 48.  Felons, criminals who have been caught, are not accorded the privilege of voting, yet somehow they managed to get onto the Illinois rolls in excess of several thousand inhabitants of our fine incarcerative institutions.  Where voting results are very close, as they have been during recent elections on both the national and local levels (Al Franken, anyone?), even one hundred extra votes can make the determinative difference.  As the governor of Florida, Governor Rick Scott, stated on the morning Geraldo radio program (WABC) on 15 August, "[w]e can't dilute our election process with noncitizens and ineligible voters casting a vote."

Al Franken´s weeks-in-coming, highly disputed victory in Minnesota over his far more experienced and beloved opponent,  Republican Norm Coleman, has now been vetted to have been due to the votes of several hundred felons who were not eligible to vote but voted illegally*.  ObamaCare owes its passage to Franken's 60th Senate seat vote, which seat prevented the Republicans from filibustering and thus stopping the highly unpopular and controversial legislation from passage (subsequently discredited by a majority of the country on many grounds) -- and let us not forget that the onerous law is now ignored by the current Democrat candidates, as they realize it is not a winning election issue.

The ramifications from this illegal victory are still ricocheting.  The recount for the "win" of former SNL comic Al Franken took two months and cost millions.  Other voter and ballot aberrations were uncovered after the election was sealed and signed off on.

Franken's disputed election on falsified voter ballots cost the country, in effect, billions in a changed health care system via legislation that became impervious to rebuttal, with the bulletproof 60 senatorial votes on the Democrat side of the fence.  Untold damage has accrued over this 60th senator, and the history of the country has been swerved to a unacceptable degree by Franken's unfortunate, corruption-borne senatorial advent.

A new Democrat association, the Voter Participation Center, has been formed to register the heretofore unregistered.  They have mailed hundreds of thousands of voter registration forms to prospective Democrat voters, with accompanying how-to letters listing names that they suggest the recipients fill out and mail in.  Many of these forms are already pre-filled in, lest the recipient not be conversant with English, or writing, or the necessary numbers and addresses required by the forms.  These names are often those of the deceased, household pets, and myriads of undocumented illegals.  This organization is especially active in Florida**.  

One needn't be a nuclear physicist to figure out what is happening, or why.  Only the most naïve Democrat, or the least attentive independent or Republican, can blink the obviousness of the game.  The dirty business of politics has not cleaned up its act since the unfortunate advent of the Hope and Change jeremiad with the diamond-dense and concrete-thick "transparency" pretense.

Hispanics are the presumed minority that is, according to AG Holder, in danger of being "deprived" of votes.  But Hispanics from a dozen countries are here illegally, in the mega-millions, working and driving and not paying taxes.  Having them suddenly and illegally enfranchised is no gift to the republic, as ought to be exceedingly clear.  The federal government fancies that these "discovered" voters will vote Dem, as a thank-you  valentine to the people who gave them "immaculate votraception" without the annoyance of citizenship or swearing fealty to our country's laws.

I teach voting law, and NYS, by virtue of stringent controls and accounting procedures, does a pretty fair job of defeating fraud attempts.  Other states are not so vigilant; the case against continuing efforts to defeat true voter rights -- transparency and integrity in the system, that is, not the "right" of felons, Kitty and Rover, and the dead and illegals to cast votes -- is heavy.

Chicago has thousands of the long-dead and convicts voting, mysteriously.  Florida Democrats wage a determined effort to avoid the common and normal practice of purging the polls of redundant, deceased, or moved voters.  They were attacked by Holder, et al. for their efforts to merely count the actual live and legitimate voters in the state.

This is a particularly noisome election, as we all know, and if the Democrats can pack the polls with the dead, the ineligible, the handout-takers, the aliens, the noncitizens eager to make a dollar from Democrat flacks eager to supplement the legitimate vote, the non-18, or similar not-voters, they can hope to influence the vote in a way that wrests the true will of the people away from the voters and toward their appalling candidate, a secretive and beyond-the-law, arrogant man who has impoverished and betrayed the nation unprecedentedly with his decadent debt to other nations, and his embarrassingly ignorant or nefarious economic and political "policies."

Voter fraud is real.

Telling us that the reality is "ridiculous" does not obviate the ongoing disgrace of the partisan Democrat machinery to steal an election they deeply fear they will lose.  This well-loved "Democrat with sanity" (as he styles himself) ought to face the facts, and not let his colleagues pull the wool over his lever. 

NB: Thanks to Hy Drusin for his research documentation and input.

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