Too Much Ado about China

No country raises more suspicion in America than China.  For one, it's big and it's far away; size and distance arouse suspicion, because size and distance stimulate our imagination to run amok.  Citizens in big, faraway lands inflate into superior beings -- people with more discipline, stronger work ethic, and higher intelligence.  This, in turn, deflates our own self-confidence. Suspicion is prevalent on both sides of the political aisle.  The left sets China as a job-devouring bogey, whose appetite is as voracious as any 800-pound cable-television curiosity.  The right laments China's economic ascension, which could topple the United States from its envious (from a political perspective) perch. Like most fears propagated by political opportunists, the fears are overwrought and overdone; the aggregate numbers the opportunists use to buttress their fear-mongering are so very misleading.  If one were to glance only at the aggregate numbers, one would...(Read Full Article)