Three Truths to Consider This November

Every once in a while, America has to be like Steve McQueen in that scene from the 1973 film Papillon, where he sticks his head through his prison bars and asks, "How do I look?" Anyone who's awake knows that America "ain't looking too pretty" these days.  Take for example the Declaration of Independence's quintessential phrase, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  What does that look like to citizens today?  For a great number of people, that phrase most certainly means something very, very different from what it meant to the patriots at the time it was originally penned. So, how does the way we think about this phrase reveal how we see ourselves and, ultimately, whom we will choose to represent us? Since America is the land of "We the People," it is certainly all about who we are.  What do we "look like"?  How do we think and reason?  Who are we at the very core of our being? Ultimately, a democratic people living in a republic truly ends up...(Read Full Article)