Three Minutes to Midnight

The national media was clearly tired of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright rants broadcast over and over again on talk radio and shown on FOX News four years ago.  The press was only too happy when candidate Barack Obama disavowed the man he said he could never disavow.  Well, that's over. Clearly, they were tired of " America 's chickens coming home to roost" and the unreverend clergyman's appeals for God to d__n America.  Voters, too, seemed to have heard enough of it.  Fifty-three percent of the American electorate appears to have endorsed the view of 95% of the media: the Reverend Wright is old news.  Let's move on. Now, however, is when Barack Obama's twenty-year membership in Rev. Wright's church comes into the sharpest focus.  Now is when the peace of the world can depend largely on the judgment that President Obama brings to the nuclear standoff between Israel and Iran.  Now, is when we need to have the greatest confidence in the discernment of our...(Read Full Article)