The Whitewashed Sepulchers of Washington, D.C.

Liberal-style designer spirituality is a combination of moral relativism and a hybrid form of pseudo-Christianity.  Pious liberals mix together a dash of New-Ageism, a sprinkle of secular humanism, a bit of out-of-context Scripture, and a large dollop of liberal social policy, all topped with some compassionate acts of look-at-me mercy and, if it fits into their busy schedule, a very slow and public stroll to the local church. Take Nancy Pelosi, please -- I mean, for instance.  Nancy Pelosi, a self-described "ardent practicing Catholic," is the perfect example of a designer Christian.  This is a woman who purports to be committed to her Catholic faith, but condemns the church she supposedly loves for opposing contraception, abortion, and gay marriage, and for having that pesky "conscience thing."  Ms. Pelosi expressed her support for gay marriage when she said, "My religion has, compels me -- and I love it for it -- to be against discrimination of any kind in our...(Read Full Article)