The Real Problems with U.S. Health Care

With Paul Ryan now on the GOP ticket and the Medicare/health care debate now even more volatile, consider this bit of folly when pondering government's role in health care.  Recently, while on the way to church, I made my typical Sunday morning stop at a local convenience store for my usual concoction, comprising coffee and cappuccino (which costs me only 63 cents).  While I was in line to pay, I noticed that the customer in front of me was purchasing several packs of cigarettes. Being 43, and having not purchased a pack of cigarettes since my teenage years, I curiously scanned the prices displayed on the rack of smokes behind the register.  Amazingly, I noticed that several brands were nearly $7 a pack.  Of course, much of the cost of a pack of cigarettes is due to high taxes, along with the Tobacco Masters Settlement Agreement. Why did U.S. states sue Big Tobacco, and how do states justify the high taxes on tobacco products?  The answer is to "recover" their...(Read Full Article)