The Progressive Left's Secular Theocracy

I'm a Christian and a Tea Partier.  Obviously I want to overthrow America's constitutional government and replace it with an oppressive theocracy. Or so the progressive left tells me. I encounter this accusation often, as wild-eyed MSNBC anchors shout it toward their cameras, increasingly silly columnists write it in the New York Times, and my own acquaintances say it in our political conversations.  I don't know if these people actually believe their rhetoric or if they're simply trying to scare others away from all things Tea Party and religious.  I suspect that it's a combination of both.  Regardless, I can't help but chuckle at the irony my friends on the left are simply too partisan (devout?) to notice. The Tea Party is a small-government movement that supports freedom of religion, not the establishment of one.  I -- and many Christians like me -- believe in the maximum freedom possible under the minimum government required to protect us and our...(Read Full Article)