The Perspective of a Lifetime on Atmospheric Modeling

The president vowed to make climate change a top priority in his second term, suggesting that a major assault on industry is coming if he is re-elected.  So before the potential onslaught, some real-world perspective on climate change is essential. First, note that the tool used to both develop future global climate scenarios and to panic the public on meteorological mayhem is atmospheric modeling. Most of my nearly 35 years of professional life has been involved with atmospheric modeling in one way or another.  I began my scientific career in meteorology in the late '70s.  Back then, calculating air quality impacts of air pollution sources, such as smokestacks and vents, involved using a simple statistical calculator and some basic graphs derived from empirical studies -- a rudimentary form of modeling. Over the years, with more powerful computers and sophisticated graphics, air pollution meteorologists, like me, were able to analyze in more depth and with finer detail...(Read Full Article)