The Party of Factions, Republican or Democrat?

The New York Times ran a dopey headline on Sunday: "A Party of Factions Gathers, Seeking Consensus."  This in reference to Republicans going to Tampa for their convention.  Let's set aside that political parties necessarily comprise factions, unless you're the Berkley Communist Party of Ice Cream-making Midgets of Color.  But even among that cohort there may be factions.  Let's, instead, get to the implication of the New York Times' article: that the GOP is riven -- or nearly riven -- by dissention among its factions.  There are indeed clashes among GOP factions, but, critically, it's a different sort from what the Democratic Party experiences.  The Democratic Party is the party of factions-as-claimants.  Democratic factions are all unified around big government.  What they want -- be they gays, feminists, movement blacks and Hispanics, academics, the upscale leftist white inbred, among others -- is ever bigger chunks of the big government...(Read Full Article)