The Order of Playtime

At a recent family and friends gathering, I was able to catch up with an old babysitter of mine whom I hadn't seen in over a decade.  During our conversation she asked if I remembered other attendees of her babysitting service.  As we talked about my former playmates, she also mentioned the various games we used to play in her yard.  Certainly most readers are familiar with childhood games like dodge and tag.  These activities, though simple in design, were incredibly entertaining and helped pass the time before our parents came to pick us up around dinner time.  It's hard to explain the thrill a child gets when gleefully running for what seems like his life from another child's outstretched arm.  For the youngster who has the misfortune of being "it," there is the thrill of the hunt as he tries to unshackle himself from being the odd man out by tagging someone else. Just as primitive man banded together to trade resources and better his living...(Read Full Article)