The Olympics and Feminist-Style Reporting

It's difficult to say if the greatest drama of the 2012 Olympics has occurred inside or outside the athletic arena, but it's hard for anything to compare to the controversy that recently surrounded 16-year-old Chinese swim sensation Ye Shiwen.  The story started on Saturday when Ye shattered the women's world record in the 400-meter Individual Medley in a time of 4:28.43, beating the old mark by more than a second. If a second constitutes a "shattered" record -- and it does at that high level -- you can only imagine what a 14 or 23-second difference is: it's a vast ocean away.  So it should surprise no one that those also happen to be the number of seconds Ye was slower than, respectively, the last finisher in the men's 400m IM, and its winner, Ryan Lochte.  But you wouldn't know it from the reportage, which, fueled by Ye's anomalous final leg of her race and doping accusations, left people with the impression that the young girl out-swam the men.  For instance,...(Read Full Article)