The Narcissistic Style in Liberal Politics

What are we to make of the liberal tendency to blame the conservative movement for violent acts that have nothing to do with conservatives?  Does the left's obsession with blaming conservatives suggest that a kind of paranoid style has infected American liberalism? After tragedies such as the Aurora and Tucson shootings, the center-right mainstream in America grieves with the victims, and we await the flood of reports that will soon come out about the suspect's history of bizarre behavior.  We know that psychiatrists will be called in.  The sad pattern could not be more predictable, and the thought of blaming liberals for the actions of the suspects never crosses our minds. But soon after the first reports come out in situations such as Aurora or Tucson, the left buzzes with attempts to link the Tea Party, talk radio, or some element of the conservative movement to the act.  The most obvious explanation for the growth of the grassroots conservative movement is that...(Read Full Article)