The Lawyers Party

There's a vicious cycle in America: politicians make up onerous laws and regulations, and lawyers get rich exploiting them.  But the situation is even worse when the politicians are the lawyers -- or in other words, the Democratic Party. Of course, there is nothing wrong with lawyers or the legal profession.  Lawyers like Coolidge, Cleveland, Lincoln, Monroe, Madison, Jefferson, and John Quincy Adams have been some of the most principled presidents in our nation's history.  If conservatives want a system of laws and not of men, then lawyers are an indispensable part of that system.  No, it is not the presence of lawyers in politics which bedevils us today; it is, instead, the iron control which lawyers have on the Democratic Party and the concomitant eagerness of Democrats to produce a vast labyrinth of laws, regulations, and court decisions intended to govern every aspect of American life. There has always been an inherent conflict in having those who live by...(Read Full Article)