The Last Line of Defense: Property

"Property is theft."  Proudhon's classic anarchist paradox is more than a catchy slogan for international leftism.  It encapsulates a complete and comprehensively absurd view of humanity -- one which finds its contemporary apotheosis in President Obama's more prosaic rendition, "You didn't build that."  In other words, "You didn't build that" is just "Property is theft" without the irony. By speaking his true mind for a change, without teleprompted euphemism, Obama conveniently highlighted the heart of today's civilizational crisis: the war over the meaning and legitimacy of property. The "fundamental transformation" Obama seeks to impose on America has many practical manifestations, but all his sundry means relate to one basic end.  This is the permanent "transformation" of a nation grounded in the principle of individual self-ownership (the philosophical foundation of property rights) into a nation grounded in the principle that everything you have is merely on...(Read Full Article)