The Keys to the Climate Debate

Hardly anyone knows that two thirds of the warming predicted by the climate models comes from assumed changes in humidity and clouds, and only one third comes directly from the extra carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases. Some awareness of the calculations is essential, because there is no direct observational evidence that rising CO2 caused the bulk of the recent warming.  If there were, don't you suppose we would have heard all about it by now?  The world has spent over $60B since 1990 looking for that evidence.  The ice cores shown by Al Gore in his movie were once supporting evidence, but higher-resolution ice cores subsequently showed that the temperature changes occurred a few hundred years before the corresponding changes in CO2 and thus cannot have been caused by them. Instead, the theory of man-made global warming relies on calculating the predicted temperature rise.  First, the direct warming of the extra CO2 is reckoned, using principles known...(Read Full Article)