The Ghost of Solyndra: Still Haunting Taxpayers

Will President Barack Hussein "kill list" Obama never learn?  Or does he know precisely what he is doing and now want to throw more tax dollars to his contributors? Obama will expedite seven "clean energy" projects as a part of his "We Can't Wait" program.  The seven  projects are all on public lands in Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, and California. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, speaking on August 7, 2012, in a White House press release about the seven projects, said: As part of President Obama's all-of-the-above strategy to expand domestic energy production and strengthen the economy, we are working to advance smart development of renewable energy on our public lands.  These seven proposed solar and wind projects have great potential to grow our nation's energy independence, drive job creation, and power economies across the west. Salazar, in the White House announcement continued: The renewable energy projects announced today build on the Obama...(Read Full Article)