The Defiant Ones

This week we saw one of the neatest political plays ever.  Obama biographer Ed Klein says that about two weeks ago Valerie Jarrett, Obama's brain trust and manager of his Acme Campaign Strategery , offered Hillary Clinton  a slot on the ticket as Obama's running mate and she turned it down.  Perhaps Sarah Palin got wind of the offer and rejection, or maybe she intuited the White House was thinking of such a thing (as I did last week).  In any event, shortly after the Jarrett-Clinton tête-à-tête, Joe Biden made another of his many classic goofy statements, telling a crowd his opponents would put "y'all in chains." (In the same week he indicated he thought we were in the 20th century and that Virginia was North Carolina.) Timing is everything, and seeing her opening. Sarah suggested Obama replace Biden with Hillary. Once again she demonstrated her superb political skills. Her jibe locked Obama into running with Biden again; reminded Hillary supporters how much...(Read Full Article)