The 1% Solution

Barack Obama has been a disaster for employment in America, shrinking labor force participation to its lowest rate in decades.  With fewer people working, the unemployment rate has fallen steadily...well, except for that uptick last month to 8.254376912% -- when you're Barack Obama, every decimal point counts -- even if the 163,000 jobs created are mostly a BLS invention called seasonal adjustment, while the 150,000 people leaving the workforce are real. Is this what he meant when he said "saved or created"? The price of gasoline is down as well on weak demand.  You can't drive to a job you don't have...oh, and that night out is off the is the vacation -- better to listen to the audio version of Dreams from My Father, which is Obama reading an edited -- omitting all things un-presidential -- version of his,, fictional, but true, account of how he felt growing up rich and privileged -- and how hard it was on him.  Because that's...(Read Full Article)