The 1% Solution

Barack Obama has been a disaster for employment in America, shrinking labor force participation to its lowest rate in decades.  With fewer people working, the unemployment rate has fallen steadily...well, except for that uptick last month to 8.254376912% -- when you're Barack Obama, every decimal point counts -- even if the 163,000 jobs created are mostly a BLS invention called seasonal adjustment, while the 150,000 people leaving the workforce are real.

Is this what he meant when he said "saved or created"?

The price of gasoline is down as well on weak demand.  You can't drive to a job you don't have...oh, and that night out is off the is the vacation -- better to listen to the audio version of Dreams from My Father, which is Obama reading an edited -- omitting all things un-presidential -- version of his,, fictional, but true, account of how he felt growing up rich and privileged -- and how hard it was on him.  Because that's what's most important, how he felt, not what actually happened.  Reality is, after all, relative.  Wipe that smirk off your face -- what are you, some kind of racist? 

Driving into Manhattan the other day at 5 PM, there wasn't a car on the road.  Not being able to afford to go out is easier than ever.  See...and people said there was no upside to the new normal of Obama's pervasive poverty

American's loss of hope has put downward pressure on the unemployment rate and the price of gasoline.  In theory, four more years of Barack Obama could see the price of gasoline and the unemployment rate both drop to zero.

But when the man is right, he is right; the 1% are running and ruining America.  But as usual, he has it backwards.  He thinks the 1% are the wealthy -- those who have succeeded and become obscenely rich, living well and large, enjoying their money and prosperity, while standing upon the hunched shoulders of the huddled masses.  Yet it is the elite progressives who are the true 1%. 

The hardcore left, while few in number, seem to always dominate the national conversation, in support of an America where everyone does as he is told -- for the good of humanity, of course. 

They berate the unconvinced.  "Do it for your family.  Do it for yourself.  Do it or else -- you selfish, racist bastard.  You know you would do it, if it wasn't for your bigoted hatred of the black man in the Oval Office."

Do what? you ask. 

Does it matter?  "What" is whatever they say it is...and it's for your own good, so shut up.   

For Obama, it's not even that he believes taxing the 1% into oblivion will cure America's ills, and he has admitted as much.  He doesn't really seek an answer to what ails the nation, for if nothing ailed the nation, what purpose would he have? 

He just needs an enemy, in order to galvanize supporters, whose ardor has waned through more than three and a half years of Barack-provided misery.  Mister Misery, that's our president. 

You see, as scarce as true progressives may be, they have managed to keep the most resource-rich nation on the planet from exploiting its bounty.  We could have $2-a-gallon gasoline; we could have electric bills a third of what they are.  We could have sensible laws...we could have jobs.  But no...Barack and his minions have a better plan. 

The liberal dream is simple: poverty today -- for us, not them -- to save the world tomorrow.  And you had better go along, you selfish, racist bastard...oh, and you're stupid, too.

What was so bad about the nation pre-Barack?  Why did we need to be transformed?  All I know is that before Obama, people were working and making money.  Does anyone remember the jobless recovery of GWB when the unemployment rate was 5%? 

Obama's plan for victory on the jobs front is convincing ever greater numbers of people to give up hope and drop out of the labor market -- because if you're not looking for work, you're not really unemployed.  But isn't that the entire Obama solution?  Destroy everything to the point where failure can be sold as success.  Well...he did promise "change."

Now, after 42 consecutive months of unemployment over 8%, the longest stretch since WWII, Obama is out of ideas, except for making sure he gets credit for every decimal point.  Because 8.254% is so much better than 8.3%, and only selfish, racist bastards -- who, incidentally, are also stupid -- would be so dishonest as to not credit him for every job -- saved or created.

Besides, if he can get the streak to continue for 44 months, with him being the 44th president, the 44/44 would look cool on one of those leather jackets he is always having custom-made to celebrate...well, himself.  

Look closely: Barack Obama, the emperor with no clothes, in all his finery.

In Obama's America the slogan is now "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."  Dante would be proud of Barack's earthly realization of the circles of hell.  It may not be divine, but it certainly is comedy.  It's just that no one is laughing.

And let's face it: once the nation accepts there is no hope, it can "win the future" by moving "forward" to an economy "built to last."  After all, just because Americans have lost 40% of their wealth in three and a half years doesn't mean they can't be happy knowing Barack Obama is there for them. 

As a nation, are we really this stupid?  Do we really believe any of this?  What does that say about us?  A man with no record of success in anything -- save self-service and secrecy -- managed to convince enough Americans he was not George Bush and was elected president.  Then, he ruled, outside the rules, for more than three years disastrously, by any measure -- except those metrics utilized by the 1%, the progressive elite, who all made money during the Barack debacle, or the press, who kneel before Barack on a daily basis.

Our president scares me so.  Four more years of his rule will destroy many lives, even if he will never be able to thoroughly thwart America's greatness -- only delay it.  Yet, after suffering through his first term, I am not sure I can bear another.  As Conrad Black said, these will be four "fearful years."

There is one saving grace.  While in the past, history has always been written by the victors, today, information has been set free by millions of people with a clue and a keyboard, who care enough to comment.  Eventually, Obama will be shown to be the man he is and always has been...just as soon as we figure who that is.

At this point, I would vote for anyone who is not named Barack Obama.  I'm fairly certain that even Julia -- remember her?  -- would feel the same.  At least she would, if her cartoon caricature of a self were ever drawn to realize how empty life would be forever sucking on a government teat filled with the dreadful delusions of Barack Obama's dream of a great leap forward.

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