Tea Party Unbound

For several years now it seems to me that voters throughout the country in a perfectly peaceable way have demonstrated their revulsion at the ruling class's political , academic and media elites, and the media's disparagement or utter refusal to cover this  civil revolution has not succeeded in killing it.  Instead, as more people join in and see how the media distorts or refuses to report what they see with their own eyes, the sooner all of the major media will be joining Newsweek and CNN and the NYT and the Washington Post in their death throes. (This week it was so bad the far left Ford Foundation was granting media like the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times substantial funds to keep these half dead publications afloat.) A.     The Beginning of the Ongoing Revolution The revolution began in 2009 when voters were sickened by the Congressional and Presidential power grabs, government waste and huge spending bills and, taking a leaf from the early...(Read Full Article)