Tactically Tackling Abortion

Barack Obama enters the studio, trademark grin in place, and sits down with his interviewer to discuss "the issues."  Roundabout the middle of the conversation, the interviewer drops the bomb.  "So," the interviewer asks.  "You've been an abortion advocate your entire career, yes?" Obama skillfully misdirects the pro-abortion insinuation: "I agree with a woman's right to choose, and sometimes abortion is the choice that makes sense for some women." "But you're a staunch defender of that choice, right?" the interviewer asks, to which Obama answers in the affirmative.  "Tell me, Mr. President, are there any circumstances in which that choice should be limited?  What about in the case of third-term abortions where a fetus can survive on its own with a bit of medical attention?" As far too few with opinions on the abortion issue know, not only is Barack Obama a supporter of third-term abortion legality, but he was the lone state representative in Illinois who...(Read Full Article)