Southern Poverty Law Center's Lucrative 'Hate Group' Label

Last week's shooting at the headquarters of the Family Research Council (FRC) has placed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) back into the news.  The SPLC recently had placed the FRC on its list of hate groups because the SPLC claims that in its opposition to gay marriage, the FRC defames gays and lesbians.  It should be noted that the not-for-profit SPLC ostensibly began its mission to help those who had been victimized by civil rights violations by filing suits on their behalf.  In recent years, the SPLC greatly expanded its definition of civil rights and hate groups to the point where any organization that opposes the left's favored causes risks being labeled a hate group by the SPLC.  It has also moved away from suing on behalf of the aggrieved to raising awareness of the presence of "hate groups."  Most of all, for the last 35 years, it has become a real fundraising dynamo. The labeling of opposing political views as hate by the SPLC has...(Read Full Article)