Six Years of 'Bush Country,' Six Years of 'OPRAH Land'

Despite much evidence to the contrary, a recent Gallup poll indicates that Barack Obama's scam of "what I inherited from eight years of Bush" is still working -- with some 68 percent of Americans still believing that George W. Bush is primarily responsible for America's ever-exploding budget deficits, our painfully high and long-lasting rates of unemployment, and our incurably anemic rates of economic growth. But as the 35-year chart displayed below clearly demonstrates, this "inheritance" was not from the relatively healthy and steadily improving George Bush economy of 2004-06, but rather from the disastrous Pelosi-Reid congressional economy of 2007-08. It is that post-Bush economy (with its loud anti-Bush promises of higher taxes, of larger deficit spending, and of radical "carbon-footprint" regulatory crack-downs) that Obama actually inherited in early 2009 -- and that two years earlier had given birth to the OPRAH (Obama-Pelosi-Reid-And-Hillary) Land Economy of today. This was a...(Read Full Article)