Shame on Senator Frank R. Lautenberg!

New Jersey's senior U.S. senator, Frank R. Lautenberg, published an article ("Romney must stop playing politics with Israel") in the August 15, 2012 edition of The Jerusalem Post for which he should be thoroughly ashamed.  It is a political smear, loaded with distortions and outright lies.  It is a desperate attempt to stop the erosion of Jewish votes for the re-election of President Barack H. Obama that several polls over the past few weeks have indicated is occurring.  Lautenberg's article is truly an ugly case of the pot calling the kettle black, and it's beneath the dignity of his office for him to author such a screed. Lautenberg claims that the Romney campaign is using Israel as a partisan issue in the presidential campaign by suggesting that the Obama administration has allowed daylight to appear in the U.S.-Israel relationship, which Lautenberg denies is the case.  However, numerous sources (see here, here, and here) seem to have better vision than the good...(Read Full Article)