Royal Waivers from Passed Law

A disturbing trend in the attitude and actions of this administration is the disregard for the law as actually passed by Congress and signed by his predecessors.  The reason it is referred to as "law"  is so it can not be changed or altered by the whim of an executive or an administration.  We would hope and expect.  But from the same president who complained of the threat of the Supreme Court overruling ObamaCare, we seem to get an endless stream of waivers and protections for some from the deliberated and passed legislation of the land still in effect for others. Waivers from ObamaCare One thousand three hundred and seventy-two is the current count of waivers from ObamaCare.  Most have been given to those with Union affiliations (full list here).  If ObamaCare is the wonderful legislation that it is touted to be, why so many waivers?  For that matter, why are all the senators and representatives, and families of same, exempt from ObamaCare? ...(Read Full Article)