Romney's Run Starts at Tampa

Fretting over polls?  Don't buy them.  Frustrated by the snarky jabs at Mitt Romney by President Obama, Harry Reid, and a gaggle of left-wing attack groups?  Sideshows.  Distressed by what you see as Romney's lifeless campaign?  Chock it up to the Dog Days.     But you say there ain't no cure for the summertime blues?  Oh, yes, there is. How about Saturday's announcement that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan will be Mitt Romney's running mate? A good pick by Romney, one that should hearten grassroots conservatives. And then starting on August 27, that is.  Then, Republican delegates nominate Mitt Romney as their party's standard-bearer.  There, at Tampa, Romney and a supporting cast of speakers and backers layout the issues, themes, and strategy that they hope will send Barack and Michelle packing.  Mitt gets to present himself -- Mitt the human being, not the cardboard cutout.  There's a big national audience for that...(Read Full Article)