Romney's Apology Tour

Mitt Romney's recent triumphal tour of Britain, Israel, and Poland struck me as a much-needed and most welcome apology tour for Barack Obama's abject abandonment and humiliation of our most loyal and trusted allies.  Finally, here is an apology tour that Americans can get behind.  It was a triumph.  The enemedia says otherwise, of course. Mitt Romney began the long overdue, overwhelming task of beginning to rebuild allied relationships with longtime friends who were abandoned and betrayed by a reckless, feckless, subversive president. Romney kicked off his apology tour with a much-needed repair mission to our closest European ally, Great Britain.  Obama seems to have taken a certain malevolent pleasure in insulting the Brits.  As soon as he took office, Obama returned a cherished bust of Winston Churchill that had sat in the Oval Office.  He was recently called out on it, and his deceit was amusing, but the Brits are not amused.  The...(Read Full Article)