Romney/Ryan Must Target Catholics and Evangelicals

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his vice presidential pick Paul Ryan have been focusing on the dreadful U.S. economy and the country's staggering debt.  The GOP convention has made their focus abundantly clear by having two debt clocks posted in the convention arena.  Delegates will be treated to the sight of a perpetual debt machine spewing out unbelievably large numbers.  One digitalized sign lights up the total U.S. debt -- now approaching sixteen trillion dollars -- while the other illuminates the amount of debt piled up during the duration of the convention. It's pretty scary stuff.  And -- borrowing an oft used phrase from our president -- "to be perfectly clear," the state of the U.S. economy is scary and deserves the concentrated attention it is receiving from both Romney and Ryan. However, the state of the economy and the culture at large are inextricably intertwined, as many conservatives in the evangelical and Catholic faith communities have long...(Read Full Article)