Romney Really Needs to Fight Back

If Mitt Romney wants to fight back against the onslaught of Obama's vicious and deceptive negative advertising, then Dontae and Angela Adams need to become household names in America.  In fact, they need to become symbols for what the Obamas are really about. The Adams' story begins with Michelle Obama's appointment as an executive director of the University of Chicago Medical Center.  Mrs. Obama established satellite health centers ostensibly designed to tend to the community's medical needs.  David Axelrod, currently the senior strategist for Obama 2012, subsequently teamed with Michelle to launch an advertising campaign to redirect community members away from the prestigious medical center and to these facilities.  Mrs. Obama's plan was benignly called the Urban Health Initiative.  Axelrod's ASK Public Strategies promoted the plan to the community.  One of the promotions was that the plan guaranteed free shuttle rides to and from the external satellite...(Read Full Article)