Republicans Who Understand Democrats

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have an advantage in campaigning which Barack Obama and Joe Biden do not: Romney and Ryan have won elections in strongly Democrat areas and have learned how to make their case to voters who are not naturally inclined to vote Republican.  Romney won election as governor of the only state that McGovern carried in 1972, a state which routinely shows near the top on the list of  the most leftist and the most liberal in the union.  Ryan won election from perhaps the most Democrat congressional district in Wisconsin. Look a bit more closely in the families of these two candidates, and the inculcation of appealing to Democrat voters is even more profound.  George Romney ousted popular Democratic Governor Swainson in 1962, gathering 51% of the vote.  During the 1964 Johnson Landslide, Romney managed to win re-election with 55% of the vote, and in Romney's last election two years later, he collected 60%.  This was in a state which was...(Read Full Article)