Redefining Normal Is Bad for Your Health

In a quest to redefine normal, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights has submitted a letter to the Institute for Minority Health and Health Disparities seeking recognition of certain classes of people who engage in homosexual behavior as "a health disparity population."  In other words, the letter contains a list of health problems, mental and physical, common to people who have chosen to engage in this type of behavior, and then uses those problems to justify special categorizations for them that would result in federal monies and subsided medicines and treatments. Yet what this letter essentially does is admit the truthfulness of an argument that has been made for decades by those concerned for the well-being of their fellow humans: namely, that the practice of homosexual behavior carries with it profound risks not only to one's body, but also to one's mind and emotions as well. For example, in the letter, the LCCHR draws on various sources to show that "the LGBT...(Read Full Article)