Race, the Race, and Racism

Here's the definitive question: would Barack Obama have been elected president back in 2008 if he had been white?  And before anyone reading this answers with, "Yeah, well, John McCain ran the absolute worst campaign in modern history!," think about this: no candidate gets to run for president until he has been properly vetted and selected by his particular party.  So for Obama to even have had the chance to run against the hapless McCain, he had to have first been "the chosen one" by the Democrats. In the early months of 2008, long before Election Day, ponder for a minute how the campaigning and debating would have played out for the Democrat Party had Hillary Clinton been running against a half-dozen white guys -- instead of a bunch of white guys and a black guy.  Imagine Obama as a white guy speaking to the crowds with the exact same words, same inflections, same bravado.  Would people have fainted upon hearing lines such as "This was the moment the rise of the...(Read Full Article)