Early in my career I worked for four professional-level persons, two of them military officers, who I seriously thought must be crazy, though all four were well-regarded by their superiors.  Of these four crazies, one Army captain's career ended with a nervous breakdown when the colonel caught him in serious operational dishonesty.  Later, a civilian logistics manager went through personality and career collapse while I worked for him. These experiences were at first extremely distressing, as these characters were dishonest, wasteful, quite literally made people sick, and threw vile temper tantrums to the point of property damage.  But usually not in front of superiors.  Their actions were so bizarre that their behaviors eventually became sort of a joke for me.  I got out of the Army and went back to school for an MBA with extensive side reading in psychology.  I had the specific intent to learn why the Army kept crazy officers.  I learned exactly...(Read Full Article)