Presidential Debate Advice for Mitt Romney

The following debate suggestions for Gov. Romney may be worth what his advisers are paying for them -- nothing.  But here goes anyway. TO: Governor Romney's Presidential Debate Preparation Team Since the first presidential debate is only a month away, here are some unsolicited suggestions, pertaining to a few elements of Delivery and Content, you may wish to consider as you help prep the governor to debate President Barack Obama. Delivery Slow down Mitt's eye movement.  When Mitt speaks, his eyes tend to quickly sweep across the audience.  He scans.  It's common behavior signaling a speaker's natural nervousness.  But there's a more effective level of eye contact that helps build an audience's confidence in a speaker, whatever the setting. An audience has a more positive impression of a speaker's credibility and sincerity when the speaker maintains focused eye contact while he says a complete sentence; then moves to another focus point in a brief pause; and,...(Read Full Article)