President Obama's Problems with Women

While President Clinton had one kind of problem with women, President Obama has another -- a problem the Democrats are trying to hide by going on offense and creating a faux "War on Women." Much of the GOP convention is designed to counter the Democrats' accusation of a "War on Women."  The Romney forces are playing hardball by highlighting the facts about the distressing deficit of women's well-being under the Obama administration.  In fact, the demographic most hurt by the current administration is women -- young women fresh out of college who cannot find jobs, young mothers who have to work when they prefer to stay home with their children, and empty-nesters whose retirement funds have been dangerously depleted by the failed policies of the Obama administration. During the current administration, the Democrats unleashed a bevy of unpalatable surprises for women, including massive up-front government expansions and enormous deficits that ultimately heap unsustainable...(Read Full Article)