Political Fog Finally Lifts

At long last, the decades-long attempt by both parties to blur ideological lines has come to a halt.  Bill Clinton's "triangulation" and George W. Bush's "compassionate conservatism" are out, and contrasting visions are in. With the country's future hanging in the balance, Americans are getting serious about politics, and it's all good for the political right. The long-term confusion was a disaster for conservatives, who fare better with ideological differences clearly drawn.  The left can rely on emotional appeals and has a faithful mainstream media to do its heavy lifting and damage control.  The right must teach to attract voters; it depends on an informed electorate that understands nuanced arguments about how higher taxes on the rich hurt the capital formation necessary for the economy to grow. When the messages aren't clear, the vote goes to the party that promises the most goodies: the Democrats. Yet, despite the obvious disadvantages to clouding the political...(Read Full Article)