Obama's World: Through a Glass Darkly

For anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear, and who is not terminally obtuse, the present incumbent of the Oval Office has deliberately helped engineer Islam's latest and successful lust for world domination through sharia law and geopolitical contrivance. The Muslim cry of "first the Saturday people and then the Sunday people" is a chilling reminder of the determination by an overwhelming majority of Islam's followers to rule over Jews and Christians, forcing them into servitude and second-class citizenship wherever they may be. The Islamic institution of dhimmitude -- a direct consequence of jihad -- is the fate awaiting all non-Muslims who are unfortunate enough to fall under Muslim subjugation...assuming they are not slaughtered first. The fate of the front line nation state, Israel, which remains an obstacle to the rise of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, is evident by the loathsome and hysterical insults spewed against it by so many in the Muslim and Arab world. And to their...(Read Full Article)