Obama's Tech Fallacy

President Obama embraces a philosophy that is the enemy of technological progress.  A simple example demonstrates his fallacy: would a perpetual motion machine be a boon or a bane to society?  Surely it would be a boon, right?  Here's a machine that, once started, would run in perpetuity without additional energy input.  Just imagine the reduction in emissions from internal combustion engines alone.  OPEC would become a nonentity.  Electric bills would be a fraction of what they are today.  Energy, in general, would be subject to Moore's Law.  Sounds too good to be true, and it would be, even if a perpetual motion machine were possible.  A perpetual motion machine would be Schumpeterian change on steroids: it would surely be creative, and it would surely be destructive -- destructive to the status quo.   A perpetual motion would displace jobs in virtually all business sectors.  Opponents would be many, and organized from both...(Read Full Article)