Obama's Impact on Race Relations in America

America's first post-racial president has damaged race relations in the nation.  In an April 2012 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Obama said, "I never bought into the notion that by electing me, somehow we were entering into a post racial period." Thembi Ford, author of the article, added this: Obama has been in the hot seat about race since his early days as a candidate, and it's hard not to notice that he has always been, even if by force, rather quiet on race issues. We've watched him handle attacks against his character and veracity (such as the still-raging birth certificate fiasco) that have been blatantly racial without ever calling out the issues that his blackness presents. To me, this interview sounds like a slightly more open Obama, who in his second term [did Ford mean "the second half of his first term"?] has settled into the reality that continuing to downplay the race issue is entirely unavoidable. And therein is part of the explanation of how President...(Read Full Article)