Obama Campaign's Toxic Fundraising Letter

Rarely does one incident distill the toxicity that characterizes the domestic and foreign policy of our current administration.  But in a recent appeal for more money from campaign donors, the Obama campaign has achieved a trifecta revelatory of its stances, domestic and foreign, toward three major groups -- Jews, the "rich," and Roman Catholics. The attack against all three is centered on Paul Ryan, GOP pick for vice president, and comes from the Obama campaign headquarters.  The letter states: Today, just 72 hours after joining the GOP ticket, Paul Ryan is making a pilgrimage to the Sands' Venetian casino in Las Vegas to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate who's already donated more than $35 million to Republican groups in this election. ... We're starting to get a glimpse of how Romney plans to cash in on his vice presidential pick. Before Ryan's even been fully introduced to the American people, he's attending a private fundraiser in Vegas...(Read Full Article)