Obama Campaign's Toxic Fundraising Letter

Rarely does one incident distill the toxicity that characterizes the domestic and foreign policy of our current administration. 

But in a recent appeal for more money from campaign donors, the Obama campaign has achieved a trifecta revelatory of its stances, domestic and foreign, toward three major groups -- Jews, the "rich," and Roman Catholics.

The attack against all three is centered on Paul Ryan, GOP pick for vice president, and comes from the Obama campaign headquarters.  The letter states:

Today, just 72 hours after joining the GOP ticket, Paul Ryan is making a pilgrimage to the Sands' Venetian casino in Las Vegas to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate who's already donated more than $35 million to Republican groups in this election.

... We're starting to get a glimpse of how Romney plans to cash in on his vice presidential pick. Before Ryan's even been fully introduced to the American people, he's attending a private fundraiser in Vegas with the top super PAC donor.

It might pay for the Romney people to unwind the Obama campaign's toxic fundraising letter, using it to attack the administration policies concerning the Church, Jews, and the wealthy.

First, the fund raising letter is virulently anti-Catholic. 

Catholics make pilgrimages to the Vatican and kiss the ring of the pope as a sign of devotion to a higher order, a spiritual kingdom transcending the State.  Ryan is a Roman Catholic, and a devout one.  The implication is that he is a toady in thrall to the Church.  It follows that his stance on abortion and the health care mandate (requiring religious institutions to provide insurance covering abortifacients and sterilization) is a sign of kowtowing to the pope rather than honest convictions stemming from his comprehensive and carefully thought out worldview. 

Next, the letter reinforces an ancient and poisonous stereotype of the rich Jew who nefariously influences world events by money, just as the Catholic Church seeks world dominance by insinuating itself into positions of governance. 

By attacking Sheldon Adelson and conflating Jewish wealth with the influence of the Catholic Church, the Obama campaign comes dangerously close to reinforcing the stereotypical conspiracy theories that have plagued Catholics and Jews alike.  Both continually have been targeted as unseen and stealthy forces vying for world domination.  The letter plays into the stereotype of the Jew as banker of the world and the Catholic church as an evil force whose devotees are not only mere lackeys, but ever ready to establish a new world order by means of a sort of ecumenical illuminati comprising rich Jews and conspiratorial Catholics. 

In resurrecting the Jewish and Catholic conspiracy theories, the Obama campaign is not only treading on dangerous ground, but it is trying to make Paul Ryan look like a mere puppet of dark and mysterious forces.

Last, the letter is an egregious attack on the wealthy, especially wealthy Jews.  Adelson is a billionaire who is a Jew.  The letter implies there is something wrong with Adelson giving money to whatever cause he wishes.  Forgotten are the contributions of George Soros, of Jewish descent, to leftist causes.  Only conservative Jews are to be attacked.

Attacks on the wealthy are a defining characteristic of the Obama administration.  Scarcely a day goes by but that the rich are demonized.  The Obama campaign is attempting to incite class warfare against Romney and Ryan because each is, in their mind, either rich or kissing the rings of the rich.  How often has this administration attacked the wealthy, bellowing that they don't pay their fair share?  How often has it appealed to class warfare?  One has only to recall the incident involving Joe the Plumber, whose question provoked a slip from then-candidate Obama, who advocated "spreading the wealth around."  This is to say nothing of the recent and incendiary "You didn't build that" slip of the tongue.

Further, the Obama administration, if not totally sold out to anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, has often given the cold shoulder to Israel and its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Who does not recall the 2009 incident in which Netanyahu was left cooling his heels while Obama went to dinner with Michelle and the girls?  Who can forget his outrageous demand that Israel return to its pre-1967 borders, or his intransigent insistence that building in East Jerusalem cease?  All this, after bowing to the ruler of Saudi Arabia and, lately, hosting an Iftar dinner in which his fondness for Islam was seen in vivid contradistinction to his administration's attacks on the Catholic and other conservative churches.  Meanwhile the cleansing of Christians from Muslim-dominated countries is virtually ignored.

The fact is that the letter to potential donors goes far beyond a mere request for money.  It encapsulates the divisive domestic and foreign policies of the Obama administration in a few toxic sentences.

The Romney campaign should regard the attack not as a distraction, but as a statement that is revelatory of the Obama administration's stance toward groups perceived to be hostile to Obama's plans for radical change, domestic and international.  The Romney campaign should expose the overt hostility with which our president regards the rich, Jews, and Catholics (Christians).

In short, Romney and Ryan should call out the Obama campaign.

In no uncertain terms.