Obama and the Other Side of Imperialism

Among other peculiar things about the Obama White House, we just found out that El Presidente can't be called by his first name, except by three or four special intimates. It all adds to the imperious pose of this White House.  Mr. Obama is a man of destiny, we are told, like Napoleon or Karl Marx.  The bottom-dwelling press has sold its very soul to make Americans believe that.  Still, he needs to hear a lot of "Mister Presidents" from his followers.  Apparently he loves it. Pretty trivial,  maybe, but little things add up. In the last election, Mr. O made a point of telling the fawning media not to mention his ears because he got teased as a boy for having big ears.  This man was 46 years old and running for president, but he hadn't lost the feeling of shame from being teased 35 years before. A mite touchy, would you say? Obama and his crew are acutely aware of the symbolism of pride and submission, as we know from the famous bowing episodes -- giving...(Read Full Article)