Obama and the Ghost of Faulkner

The ghost of William Faulkner has appeared in the oddest of places ever since Barack Obama entered the public consciousness. The president's speech writers and others have purposely summoned Faulkner to aid them in developing Obama as a transcendent racial figure. The 2008 election was all about race, so who better to invoke the nation's legacy of slavery than a guilt-ridden white southern Nobel-prize winning author. The president's handlers, who still surround him, hammered away at the racism meme knocking Hillary Clinton out of the competition. They plunged the accusation of 'racist' into the heart of white America; and catapulted a "creepy" narcissistic collectivist into the White House. Faulkner's presence in the campaign may sound elitist to Middle America but it played to the white professionals and moderate-minded, middle-class liberals. No doubt the literary aficionados Bill Ayers and David Axelrod had a hand in the resurrection. Now...(Read Full Article)