Newt on the Recent and Distant Past

(Editor's note: Elise Cooper and Jeff Lipkes are covering the GOP Convention for AT.  They spoke with Newt Gingrich last week.) AT asked the former speaker: why isn't Newt Gingrich being nominated in Tampa at the end of the month? According to the former speaker, it wasn't his position on particular issues or questions raised about his personal life.  He was outspent and out-organized by Mitt Romney, who had been running for half a dozen years before the primary season opened. Most readers are likely to agree that Romney's organization and resources gave him an overwhelming advantage.  But some may feel that Newt's running to the former governor's left in Florida didn't help.  (Florida, Newt concedes, was a big turning point.)  The melodrama of Newt's personal life was old news -- unlike allegations about Herman Cain -- but voters may have been turned off by revelations about his liaisons with Nancy, Al, and Freddie. The second reason Newt gave for his failure...(Read Full Article)