Neighbor Spying on Neighbor in Obama's America

Obama's at it again -- asking neighbor to turn in neighbor in a manner reminiscent of Pavlik Morosov in the USSR (that's the Soviet Union for those born after the Berlin Wall was torn down by those hungry for freedom). Legend has it that Pavlik Morosov turned in his parents to the Soviet authorities and was found murdered by family members who were later convicted.  A good part of the story is most likely fiction according to all present-day researched accounts, but this much is known:  he did exist and was killed and was turned into a Soviet Child-hero emblematic of the entire communist ethos.  The current thinking is that he was killed by kulaks in the town who were resisting collectivization.  Nevertheless, Pavlik became a propaganda tool -- literally the poster boy -- for allegiance to the Soviet apparat and generations of Soviet children idolized him and sought to follow in his path as members of the Young Pioneers with their red scarves and brown shirt-like...(Read Full Article)