The Akin Issue: A Mouse under Republican Feet

The recent Todd Akin debacle is reminiscent of an item from the last round of senatorial elections.  Back in June of 2010, I wrote about some of the ugly tactics of the Harry Reid campaign that appeared to follow the advice of a leaked Democratic Senatorial Campaign strategy memo.  That memo urged its candidates to aggressively "trap" and "pin down opponents" as "extremists."  The issue raised against Reid's opponent, Republican Sharron Angle, was the "birther" controversy.  The Huffington Post aided Reid with an article provocatively titled "Sharron Angle, Birther?  Nevada Senate Candidate Hasn't Confirmed She's Not a Birther." In the Missouri senatorial race, the "Democrat-Media Complex" (Andrew Breitbart's term) released a little "pin down" mouse into the GOP house, and the reaction of the establishment elephants was not attractive.  In fact, Republicans and even much of the conservative "new media" jumped on their desks, blogs, and podiums in fear...(Read Full Article)