Mitt's Cayman Island Gift

Mitt Romney seems to have reflexively winced with embarrassment at the questions about his perfectly logical finance and tax decisions.  Understandable.  Of course, the subject of his wealth precedes not-so-veiled attacks coming from an unfriendly press corps and a vicious opponent who will use any means to paint him as a real-life Gordon Gekko. But he is missing a fantastic opportunity. "Yes, I have many offshore accounts.  Yes, I take advantage of legal deductions and tax incentives in compliance with the tax code.  I am a wealthy, successful man who didn't get that way by being a fool.  Furthermore, one of the main reasons I am seeking the presidency is to change the disgraceful tax laws that force someone like me to go through the time, money, and effort to protect oneself from the arbitrary and bewildering maze of confiscatory taxation."    When people on the left decry the "unfairness" of federal tax laws, they are in the right -- but not...(Read Full Article)